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‘Now, Now’

If I said draw a picture of Jesus
Would a stable be the scene?
That you think of just at Christmas,
Would the straw be dry and clean?
Does the baby never grow up,
Does he never learn to speak?
Do you never see his majesty,
Just an infant mild and meek,
mild and meek. He once was weak.

If I said draw a picture of Jesus
Just the way you see him now.
Would you put him by the Sea of Galilee,
Teaching to a thronging crowd?
But do you know just what He’s teaching?
And do you know it’s aimed at you?
But do you argue like the Pharisees
That prefer to pick and choose,
Pick and choose, change the rules.

Now, now Jesus reigns in Heaven,
And He sits at God’s right hand.
Now, now you’d better know Him as Saviour,
Or else before the Judge you’ll stand.
Now, now the Earth is His footstool,
And every knee will have to bow,
And every tongue confess
That Jesus is Lord now, now.

If I said draw a picture of Jesus
Would His face be pale and drawn,
And His body torn and racked with pain.
Completed with a crown of thorns?
Do you see Him forever dying?
On His suffering do you thrive?
Do you restrict Him to Good Friday,
And let Sunday not arrive,
not arrive, but He’s alive!

If I said the picture of Jesus
Is coming live by satellite.
He’s now enthroned in Heaven,
And clothed in power and light.
And all around in glory
The angels sing to tell,
That the Lamb who was slain
Rose and defeated Hell,
defeated Hell, you can as well.

Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 20-Apr-1983


An overly long song this. I was obviously taken with the stunted images that it was easy to default to with Jesus. But he is someone that can’t ever be pidgeon-holed. I also had a Boss at the Virus reseach labs where I was working who used to say that he wanted things done “now, now”. It caught my ear and being better at verses than choruses (applyly demonstarted here) I was keen to find a hook. This one dodn’t really work though as this song never made it into the Salt Solution set.