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‘Going Too Far’

You say that “God is love”,
I say, “Well that sounds cool,”
“Are you sure you’re going to heaven?”
“Yeah, He wouldn’t be that cruel!”
God’s not just there to please us,
You gotta give your life to him,
And you’ve gotta go through Jesus,
See, you either sink or swim.

“That’s going too far, that’s going too far,
I’m afraid that’s going too far!”
“You shatter my dreams, when you go to extremes,
I’m afraid that’s going too far!”
“That’s going too far, that’s going too far,
I’m afraid that’s going too far!”
Well heaven’s an awful long way off
You gonna get there if you stay as you are?!”

“I always go to church
Every Christmas day.
Each night I drink cocoa;
After, I kneel and pray.”
Do you ever read your bible
Instead of stocks and shares?
Do you touch wood, cross your fingers,
Lucky wishes more than prayers?

You say in God you believe,
And in evolution too,
And Buddhists go to heaven
Or come back as kangaroos.
The bible’s full of UFOs.
“God was a spaceman”‘s true.
But you don’t tell God how it is,
Brother he tells you!

Jesus never said,
“The bible’s not all true.”
Was His teaching sound advice,
For them, but not for you?
Did He say the cross was too much?
Did He fail to bleed or scar?
You can’t just be a Christian
Unless you go too far.

Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 29-Oct-1980


I’m not sure who I was arguing with here? Possibly my pre-Christian self. This is a fairly blunt song that never made it to concert.