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ShallowDeep > Music-Salt-Solution > Unrecorded > Song Character Assassin

‘Character Assassin’

He’s smiling and laughing,
He’s witty and cool.
Sarcastic and biting,
He’s bitchy and cruel.
The one who is absent,
His target today.
The cost of attention
Is his price to betray.
As you climb the ladder of life,
He’ll help you off the bottom rung!
He’ll be you friend, but when your back is turned,
He’s a hammer-headed gossip with a chisel for a tongue.

The character assassin’s game
Is to hit you with his smear campaign.
He entertains his audience,
With jokes and wit at your expense, … at your expense.

He’s social climbing
Over all his friends.
He runs them all down,
Reverses back again.
Keep looking behind you,
Keep looking behind you,
‘Coss all of your victims
Are backbiting too.
The tongue speaks what the heart is full of,
And every heart is coloured with sin.
We all suffer from the same disease,
The Devil’s, the Accuser, we caught it off of him!

Composer: Robert Bathurst
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 10-Apr-1985


I don’t remember why this song never made it into the Salt Solution set as it had a killer riff to rival ‘Who is Mr X?”. It must have been band indiscipline I guess. Anyway it’s a simple ode to the uglier side of human nature.