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ShallowDeep > Music-Salt-Solution > Unrecorded > Song Back to the Maker

‘Back to the Maker’

If you’re tired or weary
He’s waiting to renew.
When you’ve got a query
He’ll devote His attention to you.
He’s the manufacturer,
And He knows how to get you through…

Take it back to the Maker,
Don’t you know, there’s a lifetime guarantee.
Plug in to the mains (man) (The Mainsman).
There’s no warrant for a warrantee.
Take it back to the Maker,
Don’t you know, you’re under guarantee?
Come on back to the Maker.
Phone Jeremiah 33-3.

He’s got every accessory,
And the all come in you size.
Everything is supplied for free,
And Emmanuel to advise.
You can join the family business,
Just as soon as you realise,
You’ve got to …

I think we’ve got a great range of products,
From children, up to adults.
But something’s wrong, we’re full of faults.
He’s got the power, and He gets great results.

© M Day 18-Oct-1984


This song never made it into the Salt Solution set. I can still heart the melody but I suspect it was never recorded.