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Other commercial releases by Salt Solution

The Single

'Your Country Needs You' single cover'Your Country Needs You' single back coverSalt Solution’s one and only single ‘Your Country Needs You‘ was recorded in London’s Scarf Studio and released by the Belgium label Embryo Arts in 1986. The B-side was ‘New Life‘ and over time actually got the band more airplay as measured by the PRS royalties. Both tracks along with ‘Arctic Ostrich‘ that was recorded in the same session were late included in the Arctic Frosties album.

Only 1000 copies were ever pressed and distributed in Belgium, the UK and worldwide, so if you have one consider it a rarity.

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Side B - 'New Life'Side A - 'Your Country Needs You'

The ACM Journal 3rd Anniversary CD

The ACM Journal 3rd Anniversay CD cover

ACM (Alternative Christian Music) Journal was a US magazine covering Indie Christian music in the US and beyond. The publication would compile an annual CD for their readers that could also be bought as a separate issue in the States, The Salt Solution track ‘The Art of Growing Old’ featured on their third volume in 1992 (there was never a fourth) along with some really interesting music and some names that went on to greater things. Fat and Frantic’s hit ‘Last night my wife hoovered my head‘ was featured in this issue (Salt Solution also played on the same bill as Fat and Frantic at the Brixton Academy in 1986) and Sixpence None the Richer who later went on to have global chart success with ‘Kiss Me

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The ACM Journal 3rd Anniversay CD disc

Salt Solution pages

Track lists

Artist: Salt Solution
The Embryo Arts single 1986

1. Your Country Needs You
2. New Life

The ACM Journal 3rd Anniversary CD track:

16. The Art of Growing Old


Salt Solution disbanded amicably in 1995 but there were still half a dozen recordings unfinished. Over the next five years these were completed, but at an even slower rate than when the band had been together, by recording individual instrument tracks in band members homes and by occasional visits to studios. These
and all the Salt Solution tracks from previous session were then compiled for a CD album’. Most of these recordings were made on the Band’s own Fosdex 8-track reel-to-reel recorder. The exceptions to this were the three earlier rdings of ‘Arctic Ostrich‘, ‘New Life‘ and ‘Your Country Needs You‘.studio reco

The ‘Arctic Frosties‘ CD was issued as a retrospective in 2000 and the album is still widely available
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