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‘The Blood’

Long ago in Pharaoh’s land the Israelites lay in chains.
God said, ‘I’ll free you, and you foes will know that your God reigns.’
‘Sacrifice a lamb to me, smear it’s blood above your door.’
‘The Judging Angel there will see, and know you’re mine for sure.’

The blood, the blood, the blood… on your heart or on your hands.
(Have you got the blood?) On your heart or on your hands.
(Have you got the blood?) On your heart or on your hands.
Have you got the blood, have you got the blood?

Pilate stood before the crowd, he gave the right to try.
They didn’t give a verdict, but they sentenced Him to die.
Pilate tried to wash his hands but failed to move the stain.
On his hands was Jesus’ blood, and there it would remain.

Here now in 1984, this day you face a choice,
A decision for an action. An action you should voice.
Jesus paid your punishment, to win you was his cause.
His life is what it cost: Reject Him; It’ll cost you yours.

Composer: Robert Bathurst/Simon Bartlett/Andrew Clark/Martin Day
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 09-Dec-1983 (& verse 3 © M Day 12-Apr-1984)


This was sometimes used as an opening number (e.g. at the Brixton Academy) at it was an intense high energy song. We tended to avoid playing this one before or after ‘New Life’ as I would get confused and start to sing one song over the the other. (I think because the verses are very similar melodically). Also you will note that the year is mentioned in verse 3. This of course was always sung as the current year, although I thought it wise to change this line to something less time limiting in the eventual recording

The inspiration was one of those many parallels between old and new testament in that old covenant features found their fulfilment in Jesus Christ. The first verse talks about the Passover when the blood of the sacrifice saved the Israelites from judgement (Exodus 12:3-13). In the second verse it was Pilate and the Israelites who took the blood of Jesus on themselves (Matthew 27:22-26) which leaves the question in verse three of do you want judgement to fall on Jesus for you or would you rather take it on yourself! (Hebrews 9:14-15).


Watch Salt Solution playing 'The Blood'
In 1987 Salt Solution played at the Brixton Academy. Here is their opening number, ‘The Blood‘.

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Listen to ‘The Blood’ from  Salt Solution’s album ‘Arctic Frosties‘.