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You can’t expect a Sontan
If you’re living in the night,
And you’ll never find the place to grow
If you never find the light.
You cannot make your own light,
That lesson never learnt,
For those who play with matches
Eventually get burnt.

You can’t expect a Sontan
If you hide behind your clothes.
You can’t expect to feel the warmth
On a part that never shows.
And don’t expect a Sontan
The moment you step in the light.
Because a deep and lasting Sontan
Doesn’t happen over night.

I Sonbathe every morning and I Sonbathe every night,
And in between those two times I keep him in my sights.
When I’m drowning in life’s water and sin’s poison’s in my blood,
I just reach into the Sonshine, and He dries away the flood.

The Son fell on the darkened Earth
And gave mankind a light.
But He lit up our imperfections
So to a cross we nailed Him tight.
He took on all our darkness,
The Son set and died in pain.
But only two days later
The glorious Sonrise came again.

You stand there in your darkness
And say you cannot see the light.
Are you standing with your eyes closed,
Could be you’re just not living right.
Just take time to look around you,
If the source you cannot see,
Can’t you see a dim reflection
Of the Son shining on me.

Composer: Robert Bathurst
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 1980


Simple play on words this one. And also a lyric that was previously set to a reggae beat with plenty of dub reverb featuring my homemade cow-bell. The percussion vibe survived into its final incarnation as it was a song that Salt Solution used to get members of the audience up on stage to play selected percussion on. In fact we some times used to swap the entire band out with members of the audience and go dancing in the crowd. It was this practice and this song that found us our sax player, Pete Milner who joined the band shortly afterwards and stayed until we eventually disbanded.


'Sonbathing' video

Martin Day’s entry to the Radio 1 Superstar VJ competition, using Salt Solution’s `Sonbathing` and Creative Archive Licence footage from the BBC.

Play Now

Listen to ‘Sonbathing’ from Salt Solution’s album ‘Arctic Frosties‘.

And for the curious…
Listen to the original recording of ‘Sonbathing’ from the 1983 cassette album by Mervyn Sprocket and the Crankshaft Assembly (later to become Salt Solution)

(NB this has been transferred from a cassette and the poor sound quality is only matched by the poor musicianship!)