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‘Second Fall’

You heard the gun made a blistering start.
If the world is a stage, then you got the part.
You were moving on amber after revving on red.
You were running where angels fear to tread.
The door was opened and the curtain tore,
We always thought you’d be the one in four.
Your bread is stale and your cup is spilt.
Have you got no sorrow, have you got no guilt?

Yours was a faith that moved mountains and men,
Your love seemed to double again and again.
You had the actions and you had the words,
You had to be seen and you had to be heard.

He’s not returned, so it’s not too late.
You can turn again towards the narrow gate.
He’ll put the broken branch back into the vine,
Making tears a rainbow, water into wine.
You were a colour in a sepia world.
Your life was a banner that was being unfurled.
You had the word and you had the seed,
You were the plant that was choked by the weed.

Composer: Robert Bathurst
Lyricist: Martin Day
© M Day 8-Sep-1981


This was written about a friend who I rated in my youth group when I first became a Christian but who seemed to give up on faith. When I first met him he was enthusing about the love of God but a few months later he was enthusing about obscure indie bands in the same way instead.

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