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NB: only partial copyright exists for these clips. Some of the sound tracks are copyright to M Day or Salt Solution Music but many of the of the visuals are not.


Because of restrictions of my hosting agreement there are no video downloads. However if you have the right software and know how the versions that are held on You Tube, et al are easily captured.

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Presentation movie clips

There are movies associated with the Animal Parables, Pod the Alien and Salt Solution here but also a few odds and ends that I have come up with over the years. It builds into a strange collection of some useful, reusable clips and some curiosities.

View the Bridge Over Troubled Water videoA great old song, a dodgy old movie and some advertising images - sounds unlikely but add the most momentous story ever told and you get a powerful presentation



View the Sumo Experience Matrix effect


Martin Day runs a fat-suit sumo wrestling party business called Sumo Experience. This is a trailer for a planned training DVD. Watch out for "the Matrix effect". © Martin Day 2006


Watch sumo wrestling coordinated to the Salt Solution song "When's it Gonna Change"


In a blend of two world of Martin Day real sumo wresting footage is set to music. And the music is a Salt Solution track "When's it Gonna Change" with Martin singing.


'He was' presentation

A presentation of the Christmas story composed from stills from the Jesus of Nazareth film and using the song 'He was'.

Watch this spoof documentary of Martin Day's career



This Mock-umentary is not Martin Day's work at all but a creation of one of his old work colleagues, Bill Sahner. Martin is the subject of this peace of hokum that seamlessly blends fact with fantasy.

Watch Martin in action as Sumo Experience


One of Martin's day jobs is running fat-suit sumo wrestling party business Sumo Experience. This is him presiding over the fun at a stag night event. He is the one in the Kimono.


'Sonbathing' video


Martin Day's entry to the Radio 1 Superstar VJ competition, using Salt Solution's `Sonbathing` and Creative Archive Licence footage from the BBC.

'New Life' surfing video




Big wave surfing to the song 'New life' by Salt Solution.

Extract of 'the Crab' movie



An extract from a live presentation of 'The Crab' story. It's a parable of how we can be come hardened by likes knocks and how this results in false self that needs to be shed.

'the Mackerel' movie


A full length video presentation of 'The Mackerel' story. It's a parable of how when forgiveness is withheld it causes pain and suffering to the injured one. But the act of forgiveness brings health, wholeness and intimacy to the forgiver.


2 Peter 3 presentation



Images to accompany the passage about the end times from 2 Peter 3 and set to 'Claire de Lune'


Volcanic movies to the track 'Your Country Needs You'


Salt Solution's track 'Your Country Needs You' is mashed with a documentary on the volcanoes of the Hawaiian islands


Arctic footage combines with the track 'Arctic Ostrich'


Footage of the frozen Arctic wastes and the Northern lights provide suitable imagery for Salt Solution's track 'Arctic Ostrich'

Godzone tells the Christmas story (remixed)




Kids tell the Christmas story ... as they remember it! with original footage from 2004 and supplementary footage from the same kids four years later in 2008

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