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Salt Solution in performance

Watch Salt Solution playing 'The Blood'

In 1987 Salt Solution played at the Brixton Academy. Here is their opening number, ‘The Blood‘.

Watch Salt Solution playing 'Your Country Needs You'


Your Country Needs You‘ is is the number that followed straight on from the ‘The Blood in the 1987 Salt Solution concert at the Brixton Academy.


Salt Solution play 'Who is Mr X' live

Salt Solution play the ever popular ‘Who is Mr X?’ live at the Kingston Festival 1992. Please note that Simon (the bass player) unwisely sacrificed music for performance!

Salt Solution play 'Lightning' live


‘Lightning’, a song about the calming the storm, also recorded at Salt Solution‘s set at the Kingston Festival 1992.

Salt Solution play 'My Mind has Hands' live


Another song, ‘My Mind has Hands’ from Salt Solution‘s 1992 performance at the Kingston Festival.

Salt Solution play 'Second Fall' live


Salt Solution give their song ‘Second Fall‘ its second outing at Chippenham in 1986.


Salt Solution play 'Floating on the Pedello of Life' live


At the same concert in Chippenham in 1986 the band perform the otherwise unrecorded song ‘Floating on the Pedello of Life‘.


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